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FILMEO is a video production company based in Melbourne. Our films are diverse in nature, ranging from short films to music videos and commercials. We like to focus on the creative side of film-making and treat it as an art form. Through FILMEO, we hope to deliver our clients original and visually appealing products that we all can be proud of. 



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Jordan Gosley was born in France and spent much of his early life in Bordeaux.

He later moved to Israel to connect with his Jewish heritage and began self-teaching videography.

He graduated at IDC Hertzliya with a Bachelor of Communications (Cinematography major) and began his career as an assistant video editor. He worked for two main Israeli channels, Reshet and Keshet, as well as with Jacques Ouaniche, a renown French film & TV director. 


In 2019, he moved to Melbourne and founded Filmeo to further pursue his passion for cinema. He is currently working on a wide range of projects, including product commercials, music videos, short films and documentaries. 

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